Tadbir Faraiand Gharb Rastak

Tadbir Faraiand Gharb Rastak, with an experienced technical and executive team in the field of manufacturing and installing metal frameworks and building design affairs, and with an experienced sales assistant and experienced specialists, is always trying to respond to the needs of respected employers, in the shortest time and highest quality.

introduction of a company

Tadbir Faraiand Gharb Rastak is active in field of industrial and construction and management of store complexes.This complex was established for more than two decades in order to meet the needs of customers and to prevent the outflow of currency and create jobs And in these years, it continues its activity by providing technical and engineering services, consulting and feasibility studies, supply of hardware and all piping items and precision instruments, repairs and equipment of oil and gas, petrochemical and power plants. Tadbir Faraiand Gharb Rastak experts,due to their specialization, have the ability to meet the needs of institutions affiliated to the Ministry of Oil and Energy, trading companies, inspection, contracting and suppliers of equipment used in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry.


تأمین کلیه آهن آلات
  1. Construction of residential and office buildings.
  2. Construction of automatic doors.
  3. Construction of aircraft doors.
  4. Implementation industrial projects.
  5. Building shed.
  6. Construction of spare parts for factories.
  7. Construction parts of production line of the factory – Rollik.
  8. Construction of all kinds of room.

In order to assure customers and respected inspectors of quality of valves and equipment purchased from domestic and foreign markets, this company performs hydrostatic testing services based on international standards and approved certificates. Tadbir Faraiand Gharb Rastak has suitable facilities for hydrostatic testing from pressure class 150 to 2500 and from size 1/2 to 48 for all types of industrial valves.

Steel coil
Alloy steel
Construction and industrial corner
Construction and industrial studs
Construction and industrial profile
Rail and crane accessories
Molding supplies and scaffolding pipes
Installation of industrial doors
Metal frame construction and shed construction
Building a shed
Batching and batching supplies