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is a flexible coating that is obtained from water-soluble polymer materials and has the ability to be diluted with water, and it is also used as a waterproofing agent for bituminous surfaces. The coating has a very high adhesion and adheres well to materials such as stone and brick. This coating weighs about one kilogram and is brown in color and protects the concrete surface from heat and cold. But how is it used and where can it be obtained? Stay with us.

Everything you need to know about coating

is a coating that becomes diluted after mixing with water, which turns black after drying and protects the structure against environmental damage or temperature changes by sticking to the materials. Coating can be used in the following cases:
• Water storage tanks and structures
• Creating a waterproof layer on brick, concrete or other building materials
• Repairing the holes created on tar sacked and asphalted roofs
• The coating must be stored in its packaging and at a temperature of 5 to 35 degrees Celsius to protect it from any dirt and pollution .

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How it work?

A brush or a trowel is used to apply coating, and it is necessary to prepare the surface first and remove any pollution and particles of dirt or grease. It is possible to apply the coating on wet surfaces, but the amount of water should not be a lot. In the implementation of this coating, at least two layers of dried product are needed to fully protect the surface, and in areas where there is a greater possibility of environmental damage, a third layer will be used, and the previous layer must be completely dried. If it is necessary to use other materials, before the last layer dries, some coarse sand should be poured on the layer to create better connections.

Important points

The coating contains light petroleum products and you should keep in mind that you should not use it in closed environments and that the performance space should have a strong air conditioning system. If concrete hardens in cold weather, do not expose it to heat in any way for use, and in order for it to return to its normal state, it is sufficient to place it at room temperature.

The best coating seller

Coating seller, since the coating is used in the insulation of buildings or other structures such as bridges and is a strong protection against harmful environmental factors, it is very important to be careful when buying it and check its quality. Also make sure. You can contact us in Rastak to buy the coating to get the necessary advice and have a more reliable shopping experience.

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