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The price of ribbed rebar

Rebar is one of the most important and widely used steel sections that are used in various industries and construction. There are different types of this section in the market, which are distinguished from each other according to the treads on them. Rebar tread can be spiral, cross or compound, and they are placed in four groups A2 to A4. Of course, some types of rebars are simple and there is no tread on them, which are known as A1 rebars in the market. But stay with us for a complete review of ribbed rebar and its price.

What is ribbed rebar?

A3 and A4 rebars have more tread than A2, and the lower the tread, and they are used to make Khamut and Rabbits. These types o rebars are produced in sizes from 8 to 40 mils based on their diameter, from 8 to 12 mils in A2 type, 10 and 12 to 32 mils in A3 type.
But why is the rebar produced in ribbed form?
The main reason for using rebar is that has low tensile strength and when rebar is placed inside it, it helps to fix this situation. for the rebar to stick well to the concrete, it is better to have grooves and ridges on its surface, and these ridges are called treads, and the rebar will be known as ribbed rebar.

Characteristics of ribbed rebar

Each grade of ribbed rebar has its own specifications and features, but in general, this type of rebar can be bent up to 180 degrees without cracking or breaking. Because of this, the overall strength of the structure increases, in addition to the fact that it reduces the use of other materials for strengthening and is cost-effective. Ribbed rebars are easily bent and shaped, so less energy will be taken from human.

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A2 and A3 rebars are semi-hard rebars, but A3 has higher strength. These two grades have differences in performance, A2 rebar is used for transverse section and A3 rebar is used for longitudinal section. A4 rebars are hard type and their tread is compound and it is interesting to know that the price of this grade is higher than the other grades.

What is the price of ribbed rebar?

Ribbed rebar is produced in Iran in various factories such as Isfahan Iron, Amir Kabir Khazar, Zafar Bonab, Siyaden Abhar and Shahroud, which uses raw materials of different qualities, which definitely makes each of these Sell ​​the steel different price. On the other hand, parameters such as supply and demand, government policies, currency fluctuations and transportation costs should be considered when determining the final price. Since the price of this part is constantly changing, if you intend to buy, contact our colleagues in Rastak to have a safe and affordable purchase.

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